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Being a lifelong die hard Mixed Martial Arts fan, when I started my photography business, there was no doubt that I wanted my specialty to be Mixed Martial Arts Photography. I would always look at various local fight promotion websites and social media pages and I noticed that the photos were always dark, blurry, out of focus and just not professional grade quality.


I noticed that promotions, despite hiring professional photographers, were not able to obtain clear, sharp, professional grade photos to post on their website and social media pages. I was not sure why the pictures were not professional grade, but I made it my mission to find a solution, to find a way to offer fight promotions the highest quality MMA photography!  


I started going to local promotions, getting the best possible seat I could so that I could get a feel for the lighting at these kinds of events.  I noticed that at 95% of the events I attended, the lighting was terrible and this could create problems for any camera or even the best photographer. I studied the angles, lighting, I experimented with positions, shadows and various camera setting trying to find what would look best for fighters and for promoters. My goal was to develop the knowledge to become the best MMA photography in the business!


After attending numerous events on my own, shooting pictures from the crowd, experimenting with different ideas and ultimately finding what I thought was a working solution, I began sending out emails offering my services as a photographer to local promotions to shoot their events from cage side. I was given opportunities to prove myself from several local promotions, I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people and to have developed some great friendships with people involved with the sport I love!


I have now worked as a professional photographer for many events, I have taken thousands of pictures of countless fights and I believe that I have perfected the art of Mixed Martial Arts Photography. I think my work speaks for itself, my pictures stand on their own merit, in my opinion far above those of my competitors.


I think that high quality, professional grade, action photographs are one of the best means of advertising your fight promotion and future events. When a fight promotion is promoting an event, they post information on Facebook and Twitter. They send out news releases, advertise on highway signs and billboards, and place ads on TV and other forms of visual media.  Each of those forms of advertising uses pictures as their featured content, they convey the excitement of the event using photographs to excite the customers and pack their venues.


If the pictures are low grade, blurry, or fail to capture the feel of the event because the photographer lacks the necessary instinctive eye, they won’t hold the audience’s attention and it is highly unlikely that the advertising will entice people to attend the event. On the contrary, if you use high quality, professional action shots, clearly capturing the excitement and vibe of the event on your advertisement, people will be drawn to your venue.  People will notice the various visual advertisements and want to see that type of action for themselves, becoming paying customers attending your event in person. 


After the fight event is over, the advertising of the promotion doesn't end.  Within 24 hours of the event, I have all of my photos posted on Facebook and other social media outlets so that the fighter’s friends, family members, coaches, managers, sponsors and other members of their fight camp can see photos from their fight. When we post photos to Facebook, they are an instant hit becoming viral within a day! Very often, fighters themselves take a photo from my page and make it their Facebook profile photo, which in turns gives the promotion huge exposure, especially if we place the promotion logo on the photo.


Think of it like this, if professional fighter Johnny Tap-you-out fights in Atlantic City NJ on a Saturday night and wins his fight. We post the photo at noon the next day, Mr. Tap–you-out sees his photos because prior to the event, I send friends requests to all fighters involved so I can tag them in their photos. Mr. Tap-you-out has a total of 1,500 friends on his Facebook page, when his photos are tagged; they show up as tagged photos on his friend’s homepage, which in turn shows up on all of his 1,500 friends pages.


That means by that this single action, your company logo has been seen by a minimum of 1,500 people! Now, multiply that by an average of 20 fighters (10 fight on a card) and you have exposed your promotion to over by 30,000 people in just a single day!


Now, let's say that out of the 20 fighters on the card, 10 fight managers, 10 family members and 5 sponsors share 1 photo on their page because they saw that picture on their fighter’s page. That would mean that in one day, you have exposed your promotion to not 30,000 people instead you have now exposed your promotion to 67,500 people in a single day using just a single photograph. Of course the photograph must be engaging, professional, high quality and they must capture both the audience and the fighter’s attention, once this occurs the exposure for your promotion is literally limitless!


I encourage you to look around on Facebook and check out some of your fighters pages. Check out their profile and cover photos and see how many of my photos have been used as their pictures, check out the comments that are left on their (my) photos as well! My work speaks for itself and I encourage you to view my work at www.EarlCampbellPhotography.com If you want maximum exposure you need someone who specializes in MMA photography and that is as easy as  following the links below!


To have Earl Campbell Photography come to your next event, contact me today!


You may email me at EarlCampbellPhotography@gmail.com, send me a message at our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/EarlCampbellPhotography or you may call me at (410) 726-3668


See you in the cage!!!!!!!!!!

Earl Campbell


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