Little League and Youth Sports Spring Photos

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As springtime approaches, many parents will put their children in Little League T-Ball, Baseball and Softball throughout the Eastern Shore.  As they begin to play their sport of choice, parents are asked to purchase photographs of their child, which routinely is very expensive. With Earl Campbell Photography, your photos can be captured for pennies on the dollar compared to what you would pay in retail from majority of hired little league photographers. 


We come to your location and take photos of your child at NO cost to you. We then enhance all photos and upload them to our website, within 24-48 hours. Parents and family members can then go online to view and purchase photographs of the child. There is NO minimum order and parents have the luxury of purchasing only what they want and need. With many photographers they set a minimum order to assure they make a fair profit on a group of items.  With our photography service, there is no need to purchase large packages of unnecessary photos that will eventually end up in a box collecting dust. Parents may purchase a single photo for as low as $3.00.


With other Youth Sports Photographers, you order photos of your child prior to seeing the photos and there is only one pose. With our service, we shoot numerous different poses and give parents a variety to choose from prior to purchasing anything. We not only shoot a standard portrait of your child but we also take action shots of your child during the game.


Due to the fact that shipping is directly to your house, we can offer a wider variety of photo products. Parents and family members may purchase various photo sizes, team photos, action photos of their child, magazine covers, trading cards, ticket stubs, travel mugs, t-shirts, coasters, key chains, magnets, buttons, holiday cards and much more.


We offer an unconditional money back guarantee on all of our products. If for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied with our photos and products, we will refund your money or retake the photo at no additional charge! If you receive your product and feel the photo wasn't up to your standards, we will replace it at no additional charge!


With orders being placed online, coaches do not have the hassle of collecting money or completing additional paperwork. Finished photos are mailed directly to the individual that ordered so the coaches and leagues don't have to deliver photographs to the players and families. Orders are usually mailed within 7-10 days of placing the order so the families don't have to wait long periods of time after they place the order to receive the photos. In most cases, families have their photos within a week of being purchased. 


To arrange our services at your little league games for one child or the entire team, you may send us an email at, send us a message on or by calling (410) 726-3668


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