General Photography

Q:  May we request certain poses?

A:  Of course!  I want you to be happy and totally satisfied with your photos so pick the poses that you and your family like.  Some people like funny poses, some like formals, some enjoy serious and some people just want to wing it and decide when we get on location. 


Pinterest is a great resource for viewing various poses.  I suggest you go on and print the poses that you and your family want.  We will make sure we give you a good variety to choose from as well but we always love for our clients to have a selection when it comes to poses.


Q:  How many poses are we allowed with our photography session?

A:  With many other photographers, you are charged a certain fee and that pertains to a certain amount of poses.  I do things a little different.  I encourage my clients to look through the internet and come up with as many as poses as you want that will make you happy.  I want you to be happy, satisfied and always retain me as your photographer.  Therefore, I do not charge for a certain amount of poses. 


Q:  May we have our pets in our photos?

A:  Absolutely!  Pets are part of your family so of course they are welcome to join in the fun!  If we are going to utilize the beautiful beaches of Ocean City for beach photos, we must plan your shoot between October 1 through April 1.  We do have other places available that we can bring the pets during the peak season.  The best part is there is no additional fees or charges to have your pets join in the photos. 


Q: Will my photographs be enhanced and edited before I receive them?
A: All of the photographs that I capture are edited and enhanced prior to being placed on my website. 


Q:  How many people can we have in our photos?

A:  This one is easy!  You can have as many people in the photos as you want.  This is YOUR photo session so whoever you want to be in the photos, is more than welcome.  I do not charge per person and I don't limit how many people you can have in your photos.  Bring Mom, Dad, Grandmom and Grandpop!    


Q: How many photos do you take during a session?
A: This really varies depending on what type of shoot your having done.  If you are having a family photo shoot, you can plan on having approximately 25-30 edited photos to look through and purchase.  Most senior portrait sessions I try to shoot for 35-40, sometimes 50 if I don't get the look im trying to accomplish. Events and Weddings will have much more, sometimes in the thousands!  It really depends on the amount of time I am scheduled at the event.  The bottom line is we take as much time as we need to get the decent shots and dont worry about counting images. 

Q: How long will it take for my photos to be on the website to be viewed or received?
A: For most normal photo sessions, your photos will be uploaded within 72 hours. I make it a priority to get your photos back to you as soon as possible so you can enjoy your photos and share them with your friends and family. With that being said, sometimes in the summer, I can shoot 20-30 families in a week on the beach and finding time to edit can be tough.  At busy times, I tell people expect 1 week turnaround.  For large events such as weddings, we will have your photos back to you as soon as possible but please understand that these take longer due to the amount of images.   


Q: Can photos be purchased online?
A: Yes.  We place all photos in a secured online gallery where you can order various sizes of prints.  When the images are uploaded, we provide you with a secure login and private password that only you will have access to. If you want your friends and family to have access to your images, then simply give them the log in and password and they will have the same access as you.  In addition to normal prints, we offer apparel, memorabilia, mugs, key chains and much more!  Over 500 items available! 


Q: Will you sell us all of the photos on a CD/DVD?
A: In the past, I use to sell a package in which I would charge one set fee and provide all images on a CD/DVD.  This caused me more headaches than you can ever imagine because I can not control which print lab my clients will use and there is no telling the quality of print that they will be given.  Therefore, I recently changed my thought process and no longer offer and CD/DVD.  The print labs that I utilize are all professional quality labs that use the most state of the art printing equipment to assure your print is of the highest quality. 


Q: Will you be taking our photos or will one of your assistants be taking our photos?

A:  I will always be the photographer taking your photos.  There are times when I use an assistant for larger weddings and very large sporting events but at no time would I ever use an assistant for your family photos, other than my wife who usually tags along with me to help set up poses.  This is a more personable experience and I will always be the one taking your photos. 



Q: How do I determine that you are available for the date I need a photographer?
A: You may call, email or leave me a message on social media to determine if I am available for your special date. I strongly encourage you to contact me as early as possible to make sure I am available.  My schedule fills up fast around the holidays and in the summer so I encourage you to book early.


Price & Payment

Q: What is your hourly rate?

A:  Unlike other photographers, I do not retain an hourly rate.  The price you are quoted is the price you pay. There are NO hidden fees, NO additional charge and NO hourly rate!


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Money Orders and Paypal.


Q: I paid my deposit for my wedding and now I need to cancel or change my date. Will I be able to get my deposit back?
A: Unlike many other photographers, I realize that situations will occur that will cause people to cancel or change their plans. When these incidents happen, most times they are at the spur of the moment and for reasons uncontrollable. In the event that you need to cancel or change your appointment, I will gladly refund any deposit you have made and/or reschedule your appointment. I want you to be happy, satisfied and confident that if anything should happen, your money will be refunded without any hassle.