Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fighting Photography


Being a lifelong die hard Mixed Martial Arts fan, when I started my photography business, there was no doubt that I wanted my specialty to be Mixed Martial Arts Photography. For many years, I would look at various local fight promotion websites and social media pages and I noticed that the photos were always dark, blurry, out of focus and just not professional grade quality.


I noticed that promotions, despite hiring professional photographers, were not able to obtain clear, sharp, professional grade photos to post on their website and social media pages. I was not sure why the pictures were not professional grade, but I made it my mission to find a solution, to find a way to offer fight promotions the highest quality MMA photography!


I started going to local promotions, getting the best possible seat available so I could get a feel for the lighting at these kinds of events. I noticed that at 95% of the events I attended, the lighting was terrible and this could create problems for any camera or even the best photographer. I studied the angles, lighting, I experimented with positions, shadows and various camera setting trying to find what would look best for fighters and for promoters. My goal was to develop the knowledge to become the best combat sports photographers in the business!


After attending numerous events on my own, shooting pictures from the crowd, experimenting with different ideas and ultimately finding what I thought was a working solution, I began sending out emails offering my services as a cage side photographer to local promotions to shoot their events. I was given opportunities to prove myself from several local promotions, I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people and have developed some great friendships with people involved with the sport I love!


I have now worked as a professional photographer for many events, I have taken thousands of pictures of countless fights and I believe that I have perfected the art of Mixed Martial Arts Photography. I think my work speaks for itself, my pictures stand on their own merit, in my opinion far above those of my competitors.


I strongly believe that high quality, professional grade, action MMA photographs are one of the best means of advertisement for a fight promotions. When a fight promotion is promoting an event, they post information on Facebook and Twitter. They send out news releases, advertise on billboards and place ads on TV and other forms of visual media. Each of those forms of advertising use pictures as their featured content, they convey the excitement of the event using photographs to excite the customers and pack their venues.


If the pictures are low grade, blurry, or fail to capture the feel of the event because the photographer lacks the necessary instinctive eye, they won’t hold the audience’s attention and it is highly unlikely that the advertising will entice people to attend the event. On the contrary, if you use high quality, professional action shots, clearly capturing the excitement and vibe of the event on your advertisement, people will be drawn to your venue. People will notice the various visual advertisements and want to see that type of action for themselves, becoming paying customers attending your event in person.