Earl Campbell Photography | 2018 Ocean City St. Patrick's Day Parade

2018 Ocean City St. Patrick's Day Parade

March 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday I headed out to Ocean City, Maryland for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade hosted by the Delmarva Irish-American Club.  The parade started at around noon and the festival ran from about 11:00 AM until around 3:00 PM ET.  The parade started around 60th street and ended at the festival, which was inside the 45th street Village Shopping Center.  Ever since I was a Police Officer in Ocean City, this parade has always been one of the most heavily attended events of the year and even this year with the temperatures dipping down around 30 degrees, there were people spread out all along the parade route, enjoying the festivities of the Ocean City St. Patrick's Day Parade. 


This year, there were parade attendees from as far away as New York and it seemed to last a lot longer than other years.  I set up at 54th street and was surrounded by a bunch of children, that I think loved the candy and souvenirs more than anything else. The kids are what make the parades in Ocean City so much fun to be at.  The group seated next to me enjoyed the chocolate coins, while the mom's loved the hair products and sunscreen that were given out towards the end.   


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