Earl Campbell Photography | 2018 Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex Opening Day for Baseball & Softball

2018 Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex Opening Day for Baseball & Softball

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Yesterday, we were out at the Henry Parker Athletic Complex for their Opening Day festivities. Baseball and Softball teams from around the area took part in games on 8 fields at the complex.  The games started at around 4:00 PM ET after a brief discussion with Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver, Director Steve Miller and Recreation Superintendent James Simmons.  The trio talked about how over $3 million dollars was invested into these fields to give the local kids, as well as adult leagues, a place to play baseball and softball.


The fields themselves are amazing!  Growing up in Balimore and playing baseball my entire childhood, we never had fields like this to play our games on so it is great to see the folks at Wicomico County making it an option to play games on such amazing fields.  The fields are set up for both baseball and softball and provide the players with a real feel for what it is like to play on upgraded fields.  


One thing I learned immediately was the difference in size between the baseball and softball.  The baseball images turned out great, while the softball I felt like I was a mile away and for whatever reason, the softball coaches always seemed to be right smack dab where I would position my camera.  That being said, we still had a blast out there yesterday and snapped off some decent shots.  



Final Scores

James M Bennett 14  Wi-Hi 7 (Baseball)

Stephen Decatur 9   Parkside 2 (Baseball)

Mardela 12   Washington 0 (Baseball)

Parkside 8  Stephen Decatur 2  (Softball)

Mardela 10  Washington 0  (Softball)

James M Bennett 12  Wi-Hi 3  (Softball)


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A special thanks goes out to Kris Heiser for States Attorney for being a sponsor of Earl Campbell Photography and making it possible for me to come to the fields to capture these images for the players, parents and schools.  Please take a minute and visit her website at www.heiserforstatesattorney.com and most importantly, be sure to get out on June 26, 2018 and VOTE for HEISER for Worcester County States Attorney!


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